For sale is a box containing 250 handrolled cartridge tubes to be used. Please note: REVOLUTIONARY WAR DOCUMENTED BROWN BESS MUSKET, from the family of Gen. See all the History Items for sale at Aurora History Boutique. Replica Guns & Firearms: Replica Flintlocks-Revolutionary War Muskets-Pistols!. Classic Car Insurance Quotes Classic Car Loan Quotes Vehicle History Reports Auto Transport Quote – Get a quote for shipping costs for this car. Antique flintlock muzzleloading rifles and muskets for sale from Old Town.

Original muskets, pistols, ammunition, and other antiques from the battlefield are. This item has been shown 3614 times. 250 Revolutionary War Musket Cartridge Tubes Reenactor : $9. Civil War Swords: Guns for sale: Colonial War Weapons. Civil War Weapons: Muskets: More “BB” Guns: Flintlock Muskets Reproduction muskets and pistols – matchlock, flintlock, percussion muskets and pistols from the colonial period, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Seminole.
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Have a Revolutionary War or Civil
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